About us

Welcome to our blog – a place on the web where we describe our travels, experiences, tips, trivia and everything related to travel.

At the very beginning, however, a few facts about us:

  • 🏆We are the 33rd most popular blog in Poland (in any topic), according to the See Bloggers 2023 Ranking of Polish Bloggers.
  • 💻 our blog is read by more than 1,000,000 users a year,
  • 🎬 we have over 2,000,000 video views on our YouTube channel
  • 👍 We have over 230,000 followers on all our social media channels,
  • 📚 We have already published 5 books of our own and many ebooks, and more are on the way!

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We’ll start a little differently, because with this…

Who we are NOT :)

We are not explorers

…We are not looking for white spots on the map, but each trip is our personal discovery, a chance to see new places, learn about culture, cuisine, customs and history. Even if these are the well-trodden places, from the front pages of travel agency catalogs, we do not avoid them by a wide margin.

Yes, we are annoyed by crowds of tourists, horrendous prices for attractions, but we like to experience everything firsthand, and we just try to minimize what annoys us.

When going somewhere, we do not look on the map for a place that has not yet been described by any other bloggers (this is probably impossible!), but only try to choose what interests us personally the most.

We are not explorers :)

We are not backpackers

…who quit their jobs to go traveling around the world – we still work full-time jobs, but are able to carve out time to go somewhere a few times a year. We like adventure and spontaneity, but we also like stability, our job and the apartment to which we always return, because anywhere is good but home is best!

We admire others who can tour entire continents by bicycle, sleep in a tent in the middle of the forest, and cook on a gas cylinder in field conditions.

We enjoy reading other blogs describing such adventures, and we just like convenience :) We like to fall asleep in a warm bed, have a hot meal in a bar or restaurant and move between points A and B relatively quickly and stress-free :)

We are not backpackers ;-)

We are not frugal ;)

…Somewhat related to the point above. Our trips are not designed to show how to spend Y days in some place for X zloty. We take advantage of opportunities or promotions, especially when we fly somewhere farther away, but on the spot we don’t count every penny. We prefer to buy a cheaper, less comfortable flight, but be able to afford more on the ground or go somewhere farther instead of limiting ourselves.

We want to see as much as possible, so we need to move quickly, and we want to be rested in the morning, so we prefer to have a double room booked in advance that has peace, quiet and a bathroom.

This does not mean that on the trip we will spend everything we have saved for the last six months, but maximum restriction takes away the pleasure of traveling :)

Ready for Boarding crew :)

We are not educators, historians, architects, geographers, etc.

…Our goal is not to teach and instill in you the whole history of the places we describe. We want to INSPIRE!

It’s always a good idea to prepare for a trip, or at least learn about the history of the places you’re going to.

Through the blog, we primarily want to provide you with a handful of practical information with possible historical tidbits :) We like a practical approach, without unnecessary pouring of water, so we try to make our posts clear, transparent and specific.

We are not educators, historians, architects, geographers.... ;-)

We are not photographers

…we do not deal with this professionally, and when choosing equipment, we are more concerned with dimensions and durability than with advanced features that we do not use anyway.

Setting up the tripod, adjusting the camera, choosing lenses, using blends, waiting for the right conditions – these are activities that would take all the fun out of traveling. Instead of admiring places through the lens, we prefer to focus on what’s in front of us, to learn something interesting, to notice details we might miss.

We are not photographers ;)

We don’t blog to live

…The blog is our hobby, our little baby, which from the beginning was to serve us to record our memories of our trips. This is not our livelihood, so we do not have a push for glass and remain neutral in our descriptions :)

Ready for Boarding crew :)

Well, then, what is our point?

We want to inspire, to show how many interesting places there are to see. We describe both distant places and those close by, in Poland. We want the blog to help you plan your trip and give you courage if you are planning a trip on your own for the first time :) We offer you advice, our experience, but it is ultimately up to you to decide where you will go and what you will see, because really everyone is interested in something different.

Thanks to your comments, we also learn from you, so we encourage open discussion under each of our posts :)

And privately?

We both work full-time in companies completely unrelated to tourism and travel (although Paweł had a small episode ;-)), and after hours we run various projects and initiatives as volunteers.


…She traveled almost all over Europe in her youth, having inherited her love of travel from her parents. Despite this, together we are rediscovering many places.

He doesn’t like to sit still and tries to get the maximum out of every trip. She is responsible for finding the places we go and makes the word “vacation” not mean “rest” ;)



…He prefers a quiet, lazy vacation, but he will not miss an opportunity to see something interesting and bravely keeps pace with Kamila. Despite appearances, he also loves active recreation :)

He is responsible for the organizational and practical part of the trip, i.e. He makes sure we get to our next destination safely and quickly, have a place to stay overnight, and flawlessly grasps even the most complicated subway maps ;)


We are happy parents of three wonderful children, Olivia, Philip and Ania, to whom we want to show our beautiful world!

The list of things that interest and turn us on is really long, and among the common interests are travel, bicycles, good food and new technologies. We explore Poland on bicycles on weekends, and choose farther afield for longer trips.

By running this blog we want to show you that traveling does not have to be difficult, mega expensive or unattainable at all :) Here we describe how you can travel on your own: as a rule, we organize our trips ourselves, spending less than half of what we would pay in a travel agency. Not to mention that we explore much, much, MUCH more!

If you want to know more about our travels, let us know in the comments :)

You can find more about our adventures on the home page of our blog.

Check out map of our travels…

Map of our travels


In 2019, we were ranked in the Bronze Ten in the ranking of the Most Influential Bloggers, the most important and popular ranking of Poland’s most influential influencers, created by Jason Hunt.

In the 2019 #Hashtags of the Year plebiscite, as part of the See Bloggers conference, we received a special award from co-organizer City of Lodz.

In 2019 we were nominated in the 13th. Edition of National Geographic’s Travelery contest in the Blog of the Year category.

In 2017 and 2018, our blog was included in the Rising Stars of the Blogosphere category of the Most Influential Bloggers ranking, created by Jason Hunt.

We are finalists in the First Tourism Blogger Championship, organized by the Polish Tourist Organization.

In 2018, we were Ambassadors of the Łódź Province on behalf of the Marshal’s Office of the Łódź Province as part of the #changemylodzkie campaign.

We received a nomination in the 2018 Blog of the Year category at the World Travel Show, Poland’s largest travel trade show.

Work with us

As we wrote above, the blog is not our livelihood. Nevertheless, we are eager to get involved in interesting projects and initiatives that allow us to grow, see new places or test equipment. To date, we have collaborated with, among others. with Volvo, Mitsubishi, Toyota, PLL LOT, Wizz Air, KAYAK, Lidl, Jack Wolfskin, Philips, Curve, Cinkciarz, Newell, AccorHotels, Park Plaza, Decathlon, Logitech, Pyszne.pl, Michelin, Sony, Wirtualna Polska, RentalCars, LennyLamb, HiMountain, Kubuś, Olympus, Dziecko w Podróży, Passenger Spot and various accommodations.

We are open to your suggestions, we can also offer a model of cooperation ourselves. Feel free to contact us!

You can read more about the collaboration here.


Feel free to contact us on social media (facebook, instagram) or through the contact form on this page.