Cyprus is a sunny island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the perfect place for an extended vacation, where you can still enjoy warm and sunny weather even in October.

And it’s surprising that we’ve been to Cyprus twice, and we’ve written so little about the island. We hope to make up for it yet, and in the meantime, we welcome you to our posts.

All entries about Cyprus:

Paphos and the western part of Cyprus

Why are you going to Cyprus a second time? – were surprised by those closest to us who know us and know that we prefer to move where we haven’t been before. Because we want to see if everything is…

Cyprus – it’s time to relax in the all-inclusive version!

The vacations, as always, ended too soon. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the leaves changed color and slowly began to fall from the trees, the weather turned bad, and the sun was displaced by morning mists and all-day cloud cover. Sound…