Book “Family Travel – By Plane with a Child”.

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Are you facing a flight with your child on an airplane? Or are you planning a long-distance trip with your infant and don’t know if you can make it that far on a plane?

In our book, you’ll find 170 pages full of practical advice and tips on how to survive a flight with a baby or toddler!

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Family Travel “

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What will you find inside?

In the book “Family Travel – By Plane with a Child” you will find:

  • 170 pages full of practical information and advice on flying with children on board,
  • ✅ In it we suggest what direction to choose, how to buy a ticket, what awaits you at the airport, what to take on board the plane, how to make the whole trip go relatively smoothly, but also advise what to do when your flight is delayed or your luggage is lost.!
  • Current requirements and regulations.
  • Advice from specialists (you will learn what flying is like from the perspective of the flight crew as well as read about contraindications to flying through the eyes of a doctor).
  • Statementsfrom other traveling families (and not just families!).
  • ✅ This is 6 years of our experience Straight from traveling with our three children, dozens of flights, 4 continents and more than 30 countries of experience in one book.

Because of our experience and the age of the children, we base our decision on flying with children up to age 6 (of course, this is not an upper, impassable limit, as most of the tips will apply even to teenagers – but this turbulent period is yet to come, so we won’t make excuses).

You can find the table of abstracts in the Table of Contents tab.

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Who is this book for?

If you are interested in this book, you are probably a parent facing a flight with your child or children.

Maybe it is the first flight with an infant, or maybe with a 5-year-old? Maybe you’re flying close for the weekend, or maybe further away for a long-awaited vacation? Are you flying with just the kids, or maybe taking a larger family on board?

This publication is for people who:

  1. Have concerns about flying with a child,
  2. have their first flight ahead of them and don’t know how to prepare for it,
  3. are experienced, have already had several or even more flights, but are curious about our experience, advice and hints on what to do differently/better,
  4. have a history of unpleasant experiences when it comes to air travel with a child (not necessarily their child ;-)),
  5. don’t know what to take on a trip with a toddler,
  6. want to be better prepared to travel,
  7. are looking for tips and advice on how to survive shorter and longer flights with a baby,
  8. want to know what to do in case of flight delays, lost luggage or jet lag problems.

The book “Family Travel – By Plane with a Child” is a mine of knowledge when it comes to traveling by plane with a child – from the aforementioned legal requirements, to practical advice and tips on booking a flight, to navigating the airport and various situations on the plane. Here we have gathered all our knowledge and experience from 6 years of traveling with children along with current guidelines and regulations.

We hope that our tips in this publication will make your travels together even better.

Although the book is by design for parents, many of the principles and ideas are also universal for travelers without children.

Then what? Are we flying? :-)

“Family Travel” series.

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Sample pages

Sample pages of the book “Family Travel – By Plane with a Child” can be found at the top, in the product photo gallery.

Additional information:

Kamila Florczak
Paweł Florczak

Number of pages: 170
Binding: soft
Book size: 15.24×22.86 cm
ISBN: 979-8355391256
Issue I
Łódź 2022

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 5 cm

Table of contents

Below is the table of contents from the book“Family Travel – By Plane with a Child“:

  • About us
  • What will you find inside?
  • Ready to go?
    • Is the child ready to fly?
    • Is the caregiver ready to fly?
  • Which direction to choose?
    • With a travel agency or on your own?
    • Weather on site
    • On-site attractions and activities
    • Flight and travel
    • Opinions and reviews of directions and facilities
    • Example directions
  • Booking/purchasing airline tickets
    • Airlines
    • Where to buy airline tickets?
    • What to look for when buying a ticket?
    • How much does a child’s ticket cost?
    • Space for a child on a plane
    • Luggage for a child
  • Preparations for flight
    • Documents
    • Health
    • Insurance
    • Get to know the airport
    • Meet the plane
    • Get your baby ready to fly
    • Useful applications
  • Packaging
    • Suitcase or backpack?
    • Hand luggage – what to pack?
    • Checked baggage – what to pack?
    • Cart
    • Airplane seat
  • At the airport
    • What time to be at the airport?
    • Passenger terminal
    • Briefing
    • Security check
    • Passport control
    • Boarding
    • Eating and drinking at the airport
    • Privileges and facilities for families with children
    • What is worth doing at the airport?
  • On the plane
    • Entering the plane
    • Life jacket and straps for toddler
    • Takeoff and landing
    • What can be done and what absolutely cannot be done?
    • Food and drink on board the plane
    • Toilet and hygiene
    • Airplane clothing
    • Ways to keep your child occupied during an airplane flight
    • Sleeping on a plane
    • What to do when a baby on a plane starts crying?
    • What can happen during the flight?
    • Flight with the eye of the crew
  • We have landed!
    • Passport control
    • Luggage and cart collection
  • Transfer
  • What can go wrong?
    • What should you do when your luggage has not arrived?
    • What to do when your luggage has been damaged?
    • Overbooking
    • Delay and missed flight
    • Jet lag
    • Illness and other emergencies
    • Breakdowns, accidents, technical problems, etc.
  • Airline guidelines
  • Completion of


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Why Amazon?

Why are we selling our book on

In a few words, we would like to explain to you why we sell our books in the

“Family Travel” series

not directly from us, but through

We published the entire series with the assumption that they would be e-books only. Specific guides, divided into different topics related to traveling with children, so that anyone can download a topic of interest at any time.

Of course, there were voices and questions about when there would be a printed version. We didn’t feel like investing in a print version for that time, at least until the stage until we finished writing the entire series.

In the meantime, however, a new opportunity has arisen. The opportunity that is Amazon’s KDP, or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. With this option, we can sell our books on Polish Amazon, and only when someone orders them, Amazon will print and ship them! Yes yes yes! Printed book on demand :) It takes really little time (the book usually arrives in 2-4 days after purchase), and the delivery is free for you too :)

Therefore, if you are interested in the book itself, you can buy it on or directly from us. If you want to purchase it along with the ebook, then you can only buy it normally from us (we will send you already pre-printed books from our warehouse, we do not sell our ebooks on Amazon).

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