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eBook “52 attractions for children in Poland – Ready for Boarding”.


Looking for an idea for a weekend getaway with your family in Poland?

Perfect! Here you will find exactly 52 attractions for children in Poland, or 52 ideas to help you plan a weekend or a week-long trip in Poland, for the whole family.

Plus, you’ll also gain over £250 in discounted admission tickets to select attractions! Inside you’ll find discount codes for some attractions (details below).

The EBook contains up to 126 pages full of inspiration, descriptions, our evaluations and practical information. This is the perfect base of ideas for every week of the year!

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What will you find inside?

A list of 52 attractions in Poland for the whole family by category. This is our proprietary list, in which we present exactly 52 places to plan every weekend of the year.

We hope this eBook will be a useful tool for planning trips with children, whether it’s a one-day trip out of town or a two-week vacation.

Here we have described only the places we have been to, about which we have formed an opinion and an opinion. Some are sensational, some have a lot of shortcomings, but we wanted to show places that are different: both museums, amusement parks and nature. Some are free and some are quite expensive. Some are for hardcore fans, and some are places of rest and relaxation. Some for toddlers and some for slightly older children.

Regardless of your interests and the age of your children, there is something suitable for everyone in this eBook. Even if you don’t have children, you will also find a ton of inspiration for yourself here :)

Next to each place described you will find:

  • A concrete description of the attractions, without unnecessary pouring of water,
  • Practical information (location, access, prices, etc.),
  • More than 200 photos,
  • and our subjective rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 5 is the highest possible rating).
  • In addition, for some attractions, you will find discount codes inside.

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Discounts on admission to attractions!

When you buy our eBook, you gain more than 250 zlotys for admission to some attractions (calculated for a family of 2+2). What discounts can you find inside?

  • Mr. Kleks’ Fairy Tale – 20% discount until the end of 2022,
  • EC1 Lodz – 15% discount until the end of 2021,
  • Illusion Farm – 15% discount until the end of the 2021 season,
  • JuraPark Krasiejów and the Park of Science and Human Evolution – 25% discount until the end of 2022,
  • Julinek Amusement Park – 20% discount in May, June and September in 2021,
  • Clement Orchards -20% discount until the end of 2021,
  • Książ Castle – 20% discount from May 10, 2021 until the end of 2021.

Discounts to: Mr. Kleks' Fairy Tale, EC1 Łódź, Farm of Illusions, JuraPark Krasiejów and the Park of Science and Human Evolution, Julinek Amusement Park, Klemens Orchards, Książ Castle

Details and conditions for the use of discount codes can be found in the purchased eBook.

View an excerpt from the eBook

You can see excerpts of what you will find in our eBook in the product thumbnails. You’ll also find a selection of the attractions we describe in the publication in our blog post, here, but of course it’s a bit different from what you’ll find in the eBook (see thumbnails in the product gallery).

Additional information:

Kamila Florczak
Paweł Florczak

Number of pages: 126
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978-83-960952-3-7
Issue I
Łódź 2021

Table of contents

Below is the table of contents from the eBook“52 attractions for children in Poland – Ready for Boarding“:

eBook: 52 attractions for children in Poland - Ready for Boarding eBook: 52 attractions for children in Poland - Ready for Boarding

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Have a great trip! :)

7 reviews for eBook “52 attractions for children in Poland – Ready for Boarding”.

  1. Polish



  2. Polish


    Piękna robota! Lista pomysłów w sam raz na cały rok, fakt nie wszystkie dla nas, ale i tak zejdzie nam dłużej niż rok aby zobaczyć wszystko :)

  3. Polish


    Bardzo polecam!

  4. Polish


    Lista jest! Plan jest! Nic tylko zwiedzać :)

  5. Polish


    Super zestawienie! Polecam każdemu!

  6. Polish


    Jest w czym wybierać całą rodziną, zniżki też super :)

  7. Polish


    Mocna i solidna pozycja! Ebook jest bardzo duży, ale raz się sięgnie i jest ok :)

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