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eBook “Azores – travel notes”


The Azores is a very interesting option for an active vacation. Seemingly far away, yet European. It is very safe, peaceful, even idyllic. So if you are thinking about some not-so-popular (yet) destination, you want to take a break from the crowds and lounging – we recommend you the fabulous Azores!

In this eBook you will find 103 pages full of inspiration, descriptions and practical advice. The perfect guide for anyone planning a trip to the Azores!



In this eBook we want to show you an interesting idea for a vacation, more alternative, but we assure you that it is interesting. Although we must admit that the Azores is not for everyone and will not appeal to everyone. These still unknown, not very popular, somewhat mysterious islands somewhere far out in the Atlantic Ocean. They can surprise you with nature, hot springs, volcanoes, trekking routes, but they can also discourage you through lack of beaches, cold ocean and cloudy weather. However, do not be discouraged!

We publish a practical text, full of ideas for day trips around the archipelago’s main island, São Miguel. We suggest how to get around the island, what to see, and how to find places off the beaten track. We have specially limited the number of photos in the eBook to accommodate as much practical and useful content as possible.

You will find here content from our blog posts, in an easy-to-read format that will always be available offline. It doesn’t matter if you have Internet access. You don’t have to worry about data roaming either.

Additional information:

Kamila Florczak
Paweł Florczak
Publisher: ReadyForBoarding.pl
Number of pages: 103
Format: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 978-83-960952-1-3
Issue I
Łódź 2024

Table of contents

Below is the table of contents from the eBook“Azores – blog entries of Ready for Boarding“:

eBook: Azores - blog notes by Ready for Boarding eBook: Azores - blog notes by Ready for Boarding

Sample pages

Below are some sample pages from the eBook“Azores – blog notes Ready for Boarding“:

eBook: Azores - blog notes by Ready for Boarding eBook: Azores - blog notes by Ready for Boarding eBook: Azores - blog notes by Ready for Boarding

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Have a great trip! :)

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