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In this set you will find 7 pages to help you plan your trip! Download our free Basic Traveler Planner.

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Our free Basic Travel Planner will help you plan your trips better! If you want to have everything under control, preferably saved and kept in one place, then we are confident that our product will help you.

What will you find inside?

Below you will find a description of the individual pages that are part of our Basic Travel Planner:

  1. Important travel information – airplane
  2. Places to visit
  3. Daily schedule
  4. Weekly plan
  5. Packing list
  6. Planned budget
  7. Notes

There is also an extended version, which you can buy in our store here ».

This is what the table of contents looks like in the paid extended version of the Travel Planner:

  1. Important travel information – airplane
  2. Important travel information
  3. Accommodation
  4. Transport
  5. Flights
  6. Places to visit
  7. Daily schedule
  8. Weekend plan
  9. Multi-day plan
  10. Weekly plan – hours
  11. Weekly plan
  12. Monthly plan
  13. Packing list
  14. Luggage
  15. Planned budget
  16. Planned budget – categories
  17. Pre-departure tasks – one month
  18. Pre-trip tasks
  19. Note for absence – categories
  20. Note for absence
  21. Notes

The cover is not included :)

How to print the Travel Planner?

These are print-ready documents – they can be printed in A4 or A5 format (two sheets per page).

The planner will look best if you print it without margins (if your printer does not have this option it will still look good).

We’ve left a white margin on the left side giving you plenty of options for folding all the pages – you can use a hole punch and keep everything in a binder or folder, you can bind or simply clip with a stapler or paperclip.

Do it the way that is best and most comfortable for you.

The planner was created so that everyone can get something out of it for themselves! You can use only a few, selected sites, and you can use all of them. Some pages are designed to print several times depending on the length of the trip and individual needs.

For example, you can print the Plan of the Day in 3 copies if you are going on a 3-day trip and want a specific plan for each of those days. You can even print it in 14 or 21 copies if you go for 2 or 3 weeks – the sky is the limit (or rather the ink in the printer ;) ).

NOTE! To open the file on a computer or smartphone, you need an app to read the file in pdf format and to handle zip archives (virtually every device these days has such built-in options).

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Then what? Are we planning? :)

How to download the Traveler’s Planner – basic version?

To download the Traveler’s Planner – basic version you need to subscribe (for free!) to our newsletter. You will receive a link to download the materials with the confirmation of your subscription to our newsletter. Just click on the button above and download our list :)

NOTE! To open the file on a computer or smartphone, you need an app to read the file in pdf format and to handle zip archives (virtually every device these days has such built-in options).

Additional information:

Kamila Florczak
Paweł Florczak

Number of pages: 9
Format: PDF (zipped in ZIP)
Language version: Polish
Łódź 2023