Wroclaw! What is worth seeing here? Below you will find all our entries, about attractions in Wroclaw, which we visited personally. Here you will find both suggestions for children, that is, attractions for kids in Wroclaw, as well as attractions for adults.

What is worth seeing in Wroclaw?

  1. Wroclaw Zoo and the Afrykarium in Wrocław
  2. Kolejkowo Wroclaw
  3. Racławice Panorama
  4. History Center Zajezdnia in Wroclaw
  5. St. John the Baptist Cathedral
  6. New Market Square
  7. Hydropolis
  8. Sand Island
  9. Tumski Bridge
  10. (bonus) We also recommend 3 attractions for kids in Wroclaw!

Wrocław attractions, what's worth seeing?

Of course, the above list of attractions in Wroclaw, is our subjective choice based only on the places where we have been in person. Let us know what else is worth adding to this list, and we will certainly be happy to visit them and describe them on our blog.

All posts about Wroclaw:

Kolejkowo Wroc┼éaw – Lower Silesia in Miniatura!

Don’t let the name fool you, because Kolejkowo is not only about trains :) It is a world in miniature: elaborate, full of details, references to current events, and full of movement and sound, all with changing times of the…

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History Center Zajezdnia in Wroclaw

There is a place on the map of Wroclaw that will bring you closer to its history in a very attractive way. Once a streetcar depot, then a bus depot, a witness to the beginnings of the Wroclaw “Solidarity” movement,…

Wroclaw Zoo and the Afrykarium in Wroclaw

Wroclaw Zoo is the most popular zoo in Poland, as evidenced by the number of visitors: in 2021 alone, it was visited by well over a million people! Today we will show you a zoo that is worth visiting even…

3 attractions for kids in Wroclaw, for a family weekend

Attractions for children in Wroclaw? Today we have for you three suggestions for attractions for children in Wroclaw :) All tested by a less than three-year-old with her parents. See what interesting things you can do with one weekend in…

About Blogging and Passion – Blog Conference Pozna┼ä 2017

We spent the current weekend in Wroclaw and Poznan. First, business Wroc┼éaw, and then a conference for bloggers – Blog Conference Pozna┼ä. It was an interesting experience for us, full of thoughts and inspiring conversations that we would like to…

Topacz Castle – something for the body and soul

In January, after the Christmas rush, we spent a weekend in the Wroclaw area – but this time we opted for rest and relaxation. Because rest is an art. Particularly at Topacz Castle. But not to be lazy, we started…