Travel with kids is 180 degrees different from our previous adventures. But did anyone say it was worse? Oh no! When traveling with a young kid, one simply pays attention to other things, plans differently, and experiences attractions on the spot differently :)

In this section you will find a lot of practical advice and information from our travels together.

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for your upcoming May trip, we recommend our post: May vacation with children – our suggestions » and entry: attractions for children in Poland »! However, if you want to go somewhere farther by plane, but are worried that your child is not ready for it, we suggest you start with this post: First airplane flight with a child »

But maybe you are looking for specific facilities like science and amusement parks? We recommend in particular:
Mandoria City of Adventure
Illusion Farm
Magic Gardens
Julinek Amusement Park
JuraPark Krasiejów
Clement’s Orchards
Majaland Kownaty
…and much more.

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For even more inspiration, see below.

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