❄ Iceland is all about beautiful, picturesque landscapes, hot thermal springs, volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, impressive waterfalls, and hunting mascons and whales with your camera. This is how we remember Iceland. Nature, silence, tranquility, and safety, because I don’t think we’ve felt anywhere else in the world as safe as in Iceland.

It is said that Iceland is the land of fire and ice, and there is a lot of truth in that, because here we can bathe in hot pools when there is snow outside, there are glaciers and geothermal springs underground…. A country of extreme temperatures, but also a fantastic use of what nature has given, because it is worth mentioning that almost 100% of energy is obtained from renewable sources! A trip to Iceland can be a great lesson in ecology, as many places have mini museums and exhibitions prepared about how the country handles energy extraction, what thermal springs are used for, etc.

Iceland - what, where and how?

Visitors will find many trekking routes, many unforgettable views, city and natural hot water pools. Don’t let the high prices of accommodation, car or food discourage you; fortunately, most attractions are free ;)

In Iceland, we especially recommend renting a car and traveling around the island, and if you can manage it, it’s worth investing in a 4×4 vehicle and seeing the so-called “island”. Interior, or the central part of the island.

When is the best time to go to Iceland?

We were in August – one of the warmest months, with long days, and one of the most popular among tourists. Nevertheless, this did not mean that we had to squeeze through crowds of visitors. There are most of them within the so-called “new” area. Golden Circle, but when you drive away it turns out that you can drive tens of kilometers and not pass another car.


Iceland tour itinerary

Iceland is the perfect place for us. You can spend a whole two weeks here and it still won’t be enough. This is the plan we propose to most of you:

Day trip Location
Day 1 Golden Circle
Day 2 Vik
Day 3 Hofn
Day 4 Reyðarfjörður
Day 5 Akureyri
Day 6 Myvatn Region
Day 7 Borgarnes
Day 8 Reykjavík and surroundings

What will be your plan? We invite you to read our report and make up your own mind. Even if you come here for 3 days, you will also be satisfied! :)


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