What to see in Poland? Where to go for the weekend? With us you will find plenty of inspiration for longer and shorter trips, with loved ones and with friends, for adults and for children :) In other words, no one will be bored in Poland!

Times are what they are, so all the more reason to invite you to explore Poland, because even our closest neighborhoods can surprise you. We ourselves are discovering our country more and more, and while of course we regret not being able to travel anywhere further afield, we still can’t get over how beautiful our country is and how much it can offer.

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Attractions for children in Lodz

Attractions for children in Lodz is definitely something we know very well :) Lodz is our city, which we know quite well…. But with a child we discover it anew! So we present you with a list of places to…

Which cities in Poland are best for the whole family to visit in the off-season?

In autumn and winter, it is not worth moving from home! It gets dark quickly, it’s cold, and, well, it’s still raining or snowing. Nothing pleasant, zero joy. If that were not enough, even if we wanted to move, where?…

Winter attractions for kids, although not necessarily under a cloud :-)

Do you travel around Poland in the winter? In addition to snow trips, do you also set off to explore or discover other corners? Or do you save that for the other seasons? Today we present you with a list…

ICHOT Poznań Gate

Located on the banks of the Cybina River, ICHOT Poznań Gate is a modern place where we will learn about the history of Ostrow Tumski. The tour includes not only an interactive exhibition in the building, but also an audio…

Kowary Miniature Park – Lower Silesia in a Nutshell

The Park of Miniature Monuments of Lower Silesia in Kowary will either inspire you to visit Lower Silesia, or will be a nice reminder of the objects from the region you have visited. Regardless of which option is closer to…

Rabkoland family amusement park – a great place for families with kids!

We are totally enchanted with Rabkoland in Rabka Zdrój! It is a completely inconspicuous place, a bit hidden, and far too little promoted! So it’s time to change that :) Rabkoland is an idea for a day full of family…

NBP Money Center – a free and must-see place on the tourist map of Warsaw

The NBP Money Center is not just another boring museum with display cases and exhibits you can’t touch for anything. It’s not even a museum. This is the place where we enter the world of money and finance, but this…