What to see in Poland? Where to go for the weekend? With us you will find plenty of inspiration for longer and shorter trips, with loved ones and with friends, for adults and for children :) In other words, no one will be bored in Poland!

Times are what they are, so all the more reason to invite you to explore Poland, because even our closest neighborhoods can surprise you. We ourselves are discovering our country more and more, and while of course we regret not being able to travel anywhere further afield, we still can’t get over how beautiful our country is and how much it can offer.

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104 attractions for children in Poland

Da dam! Here it is! Our next baby that we have been working hard on all day and night for the past few months. We’ve gathered experiences from several years of traveling around Poland and prepared a book of places…

Steam depot in Skierniewice

In Skierniewice there is quite a treat for rail fans. The steam locomotive depot in Skierniewice is run by the Polish Association of Railway Enthusiasts, which makes the steam locomotive depot available to visit for free, while sharing a fair…

Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt in Bydgoszcz – a fantastic journey into the world of…. hygiene and dirt!

They could have made an ordinary place where workshops on soap making take place…. however, the originators of the Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt went a step further and decided to spice up the attraction with a…

The European Fairy Tale Centre in Pacanów – a place not only about Koziołek Matołek

The European Fairy Tale Center named after Koziołek Matołek in Pacanów is a unique place on the map of attractions in Poland for families with children. On the one hand, it’s a nostalgic trip for parents who can recall the…

Park Zagroda Kociewska – a fantastic, family-oriented place in Kociewie.

If we had to name the best place for families with children in Kociewie, then without a doubt Zagroda Kociewska would be our number 1! What’s more, the place is also recommended if you spend a longer time in the…

Tricity – attractions for kids for bad weather (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia)

We rush to you today with a list of interesting places and attractions for families with children in the Tri-City. Whether you’re here for the winter vacations, a weekend or a vacation, what do you do when the weather plays…

Zoo Safari Borysew

Zoo Safari Borysew is a zoo in the Lodz province, near Poddębice. It is the only zoo in Poland where you can meet the White African lions and white Bengal tigers, and it is these that generate the most interest…