Dubai, or the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates. We were already there a few years ago as a stopover during our trip to Japan, and that’s how the following posts came about :) Be gentle with us, as these were some of our first blog posts.

Nevertheless, Dubai is still our destination so you can expect new posts about Dubai pretty soon!

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Dubai – Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

It’s time for another NAJ straight from Dubai, which means the tallest building, the largest shopping mall and the largest dancing fountain. This time, the aforementioned 3 NAJ are very close to each other: coming out of the mall, we…

Dubai – a land of oil and millions of coins flowing

The tallest building? The best hotel? The largest shopping center? A ski slope in the desert? Expo 2020? This is Dubai’s very own! This entry was supposed to be written a long, long time ago. It’s a shame that we…