Madeira, or the evergreen island! Therefore, we are not surprised by Madeira’s growing popularity among tourists. The island of eternal spring, where it is green all year round, and orchids, rhododendrons, orchids bloom on the hillsides, along the roads, beckons with its pleasant climate and picturesque views. Hikers are attracted to the laurel forests and mountainous terrain, ideal for trekking.

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It is the ubiquitous greenery, interesting terrain, and naturally heated pools on the coast that make many people choose Madeira as a vacation destination.


Anyway, Madeira is an ideal place for trekking, there are many spectacular routes here, with the São Lourenço peninsula at the forefront. Of course, you can’t miss the levadas either, which can only be seen on here. What are levadas? Read about them in one of our posts on Madeira ;-)

Also noteworthy are the thermal pools – both natural and artificial, therapeutic ones. Driving around the island, we always had towels and bathing suits in the trunk, which came in handy more than once.


Madeira – When is the best time to fly to Madeira?

In fact, all year round! As mentioned, there is a constant temperature here, although the weather is not always predictable. Rainfall happens, and it can also blow hard, so it’s a good idea to bring appropriate clothing, especially if you plan to travel between October and March (that’s when there’s more rainfall).

Madeira – Where is Madeira located?

Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is included in the Macaronesia area, the same area in which the Canary Islands, the Azores, or Cape Verde are located. More specifically, Madeira is located about halfway between the Azores and the Canary Islands and is the closest to Europe of the aforementioned islands.


Madeira – is it safe here?

Definitely yes! Madeira like most “island” destinations in the area is considered a safe destination. Especially now that the COVID-19 epidemic is quite kind to Madeira, and the island itself is quite popular for a winter vacation. Nevertheless, as we always tell you, be ever vigilant despite the holiday climate. You never know and you’d better be careful with your luggage, wallets and phones.

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