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eBook “Family Travel – Packing”.


Based on our experience, practices and mistakes made, we want to help you with packing, because we know that it is a challenge for many people. In this eBook you will find 136 pages full of practical information, many universal tips, mostly under the specifics of trips, but all centered around packing for a trip with children.

Packing for a trip with a baby has never been so easy! :)

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What will you find inside?

In the eBook “Family Travel – Packing” you will find:

  • 136 pages full of Practical advice on how to pack to avoid going crazy,

  • 6 ready-made templates
    packing lists, including a do-it-yourself version for kids!
  • 6 years of experience Straight from traveling with three children, 4 continents and over 30 countries of experience in one ebook.

Although the eBook is by design for parents, many of the principles and ideas are also universal for travelers without children.

Because of our experience and the age of the children, we base our packing on packing children up to the age of 6 (of course, this is not an upper, impassable limit, as most of the tips will apply even to teenagers – but this turbulent period is yet to come, so we won’t make excuses).

You can find the table of abstracts in the Table of Contents tab.

Who is this eBook for?

If you’re interested in this eBook, you’re probably already a parent or expecting a toddler soon and want to pack LEFT.

Ahead of you may be just your first weekend trip with a toddler or a two-week vacation with a 5-year-old. Or do you have a bigger bunch and are catching your head at the thought of packing?

This publication is for people who:

  1. don’t know what to take on a trip with a child,
  2. They often forget to pack something,
  3. They know what to take, but they always take too much stuff,
  4. want to spend less time and energy on packaging,
  5. want to start traveling differently (for example, a different mode of transportation, a new direction),
  6. are looking for tips and tools on how to help themselves and loved ones with packing,

…or they just don’t like packing like we do ;-)

In this eBook, we won’t teach you how to pack in a tiny suitcase, because packing is not about forcefully limiting your luggage. It’s all about being sensible to take what’s really useful, because what’s the point in carrying unnecessary weight? We will show you how to make packing more bearable, and maybe even enjoyable :-)

We hope that our tips in this publication will make your travels together even better.

Then what? Are we packing?

“Family Travel” series.

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Sample pages

Sample pages of the eBook “Family Travel – Packing” can be found at the top, in the product photo gallery.

Additional information:

Kamila Florczak
Paweł Florczak

Number of pages: 136
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978-83-960952-8-2
Issue I
Łódź 2022

Table of contents

Below is the table of contents from the eBook“Family Travel – Packing“:

  • Introduction
  • About us
  • What do you find in the ebook?
  • Look at packing from a different angle
  • Our mistakes
  • Preparations
  • How to pack?
  • What to get into?
  • Type of trip
  • Type of transport
  • Type of accommodation
  • Length of trip
  • Direction of travel
  • Packaging
  • Are you sure you need it?
  • Tips to make things take up less space in your luggage
  • The end of packing
  • Packing for the return journey
  • Unpacking upon return
  • Completion of

Packing Letters:

  • abbreviated list with a young child,
  • abbreviated list with a larger child,
  • abbreviated list (a blank template for your own completion),
  • extensive list,
  • list to be filled out by children,
  • A list to be completed by the children (a blank template for their own completion).

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Have a great trip! :)

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    Można się śmiać, że tyle stron o samym pakowaniu, ale ręczę, że jest to samo mięcho, zero lania wody. Super przydatne porady i wskazówki jak lepiej się pakować. Dziękuję!!!!

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